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Make your manufacturing business more efficient than ever

QuickBooks Enterprise for Manufacturing & Wholesale has all the tools you need to keep your inventory management and sales fulfillment on track.

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Keep costs down and profits up

Track costs from raw materials to finished goods, including labor and shipping with landed cost and bill of materials. When component costs change, your total product cost updates automatically.

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Find more efficiencies in your builds

Streamline your manufacturing processes with automated builds and purchase orders for all subassemblies and components required for a final assembly. Create production forecasts and plan labor allocation accordingly.

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Automate more inventory processes

Use mobile barcode scanning* for picking, receiving, and cycle count* inventory updates. Track inventory down to the bin* or pallet across warehouses and trucks. Track by lot, serial numbers, and RMAs to easily manage warranties, returns, and recalls.

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Streamline order management

Manage your entire pick-pack-and-ship workflow from one central dashboard.* Send pick instructions to your team’s mobile devices and fulfill orders across multiple locations. Print shipping labels and track shipments directly from QuickBooks.

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Learn how to boost project outcomes

Manufacturers invest in technology that can improve production possibilities, but long-term growth relies on sound financial insight. Sustaining and strengthening your business starts by building out your financial reporting capabilities and gaining a clear picture of inputs up and down the supply chain and production line.

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Optimize your manufacturing processes

Assemblies management

See how many finished goods you can build with on-hand materials and subassemblies. Automatically create build or purchase orders when inventory drops below preset points. Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build order, instead of entering them individually. Easily replace components across multiple assemblies.

Manufacturing-specific inventory management

Track and transfer inventory between multiple locations

Easily track product movement and storage down to the bin or pallet across staging areas, multiple warehouses, trucks, and even ships prior to import. Fulfill different parts of the same order from multiple warehouses.

Customized chart of accounts

Order tracking and sales fulfillment


Sales order fulfillment

With one central dashboard, you can manage your pick-pack-and-ship workflow from sale to delivery.* Send items for picking, packing, or both with just one click. View and sort open sales orders, prioritize order fulfillment, ship partial orders, and track backorders. Batch print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels right in QuickBooks. Schedule pickups and track shipments. Get paid faster and reduce billing complexity by managing your sales order process from a single location.

Flexible reporting, designed for manufacturing

Powerful, customizable reporting*

See your overall profitability or profitability by item at a glance, and forecast future demand. You’ll know what products customers love, which suppliers underperform, and what your current inventory is worth. Discount slow-moving products to free up shelf space. Get visibility into what’s on-hand, committed, in assembly, or on order so your sales reps can sell with confidence.

Enterprise also comes packed with features for wholesale distribution

If you’re a wholesaler and/or distributor, Enterprise can help you maximize efficiency and turn inventory faster with automated pricing, vendor management, sales order fulfillment, and more.


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Integrated inventory management tools

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